Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Univ of Minnesota 50-50 T-shirt

condition 85%
size M
University of Minnesota
tag by ??? ( faded )
single stitch 50-50
no alteration


Robert T. Washington 50-50 T-Shirt

condition 90%
50-50 Poly Cotton
size L tag by Steadman
Made in USA
Single stitch 1989
got few small holes at front. (see pics)

RM 50 including postage

Great selvedge jacket ( personal collection )

condition 95%
made in Japan
size M but more into S. will fit perfectly for people who wear S size.
Selvedge line in inner jacket. Got two bronze hook at the back.
A pocket inside suitable for placing handset or small size gadget.
Personal collection. The number stated is my cousins locker room when studying at Japan.
Selling because cannot fit him or me anymore.


Narcotic T-Shirt

condition 95%
size M but more to S.
made in Japan
68th world championship in Las Vegas

RM 60 including postage

Anna Sui T-Shirt

condition 95%
size L
tag missing
probably made in Japan @ China
nice design with Anna Sui words on the back

RM 55 including postage

Carhartt USA Dungaree Fit

condition 98%
size W34 x L34
Made in USA
dungaree fit, grey color


Rolling Stone band T-shirt

condition 98%
size M
got design both front and back
tag by Hanes
North American tour 1981


A Bathing Ape Made in England

condition 95%
size M.
Made in England --quite rare
tag by Oneita


Levi's Sta-Prest White Tab

condition 98%
Sta-prest white tab by Levi's.
button stamped 520. zip by Talon
boot-cut style. tag dalam dah pudar
size W34 x L42
never altered, perfect condition
brown color --sorry poor camera quality

RM 160 including postage

The Sound of Music 50-50 T-Shirt

condition 90%.
50-50 Poly Cotton.
Size M by Hanes.
belakang ada ayat CAST 2000 tapi dah tertanggal.


Sta-Prest Joseph Homme

condition 98%
colour kelabu old-skool.
cutting boot-cut. hem bawah special sikit..
Size 48 @ 33/34.. panjang dalam 40/41 dari pinggang
Made in ???

RM 60 including postage

Amazing Bathing Ape

condition 85%
Size L ( telah di-alter kepada size M )
ada kuning sket kat bahagian leher
design Amazing Spider-Man
Made in Japan